February 22, 2012

Calling all guardian angels, let's trade cake for blessings

We did end up digging into that angel food cake, but it was under unexpected circumstances.  The welcomed surprise was that the boys spent some quality time with their Nona and Pa.

The contrast from our sudden trip to Pennsylvania isn't quite as lovely to report on.  I hate codes on blogs, but in the interest of privacy for the families involved, let me just say:

~ Our hearts and prayers go out to C, S and their family.  May we be enjoying an angel food cake together soon and over better news. 

~Sterling, hang tough my friend, or ease up.  Either way I promise to follow your lead.  

~And dear, sweet P.  GET WELL SOON!!!  


This week is winter break for Champ's school.  It doesn't mean that Champ gets a break, he just switches full time over to his ski mountain job; that hard working husband of mine.  It does mean a little bit of a slower pace for me (the ever grateful wife) though. 

We'll see how that pans out, but I imagine it means a bit more pretending to be Padme while Bear portrays Luke and a little less blogging.  So until I return to this space, may the force (and a few extra prayers) be with you.


Emmy said...

That angel food cake looks good. Hope everything is okay

Mark said...

I think chiffon cake and fresh strawberries are a good match. I hope all is well.

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