February 03, 2012

Hear that dinner bell?

It's no secret that I like to read.  I may not have time to shower these days, but I most certainly make time to read a page or two from a book and a storybook doesn't count.  A cookbook doesn't count either, but I really, truly love to read 'em.  With or without pictures, hefty enough to act as a brick - doesn't matter what shape or size, I love them.

That's not to say a cookbook is a shoe-in to my bookshelf.  It needs to be utilitarian and it needs to pair well with this

my weekly menu planner.

Now I've seen this concept all over the blog world for quite a while and mostly I support what I've read, but Geez Louis the way some people develop their plans sounds more like rocket science to me.  I'm all for simple.  And delicious.

A looooooooooooooooooooooong time ago, Champ and I participated in an endurance race type thing.  The dry erase board was handed out in our race bags and I've used it ever since.  I've thought about making a much more extravagant menu board, but for now...  Eh.  Keep it simple, remember?

Some key points to the menu board are these
1) margin at the top is for things we need to buy
2) margin on the right is for the very important dessert section
3) smiley faces mean that company is coming and they are bringing that meal (see, now you know why I like having company so much)

Each Sunday I sit down with my darling cookbooks and dream and plan for NO LONGER than 1 hour because seriously, I like food and all, but I have better things to do with my Sunday.  Boy does that hour pays out!  For the rest of the week I am organized and ready for dinner.  I know just how to prepare for any company coming and I've figured out how to creatively use up that stale heel of bread, that cup of corn in the fridge.

Menu planning has stood the test of time with me; through full time work, rearing kids, entertaining 17 people, whatever my life throws at me at least somewhere near supper time I will be able to say "Mangia".  And if it's "one of those days"??  Why I happily concede to pizza because I know I can get right back on the chuck wagon tomorrow where a delicious recipe awaits.


smalltownme said...

I plan out about 3 days ahead of time, and thanks to the iphone I always have the grocery list with me. I love that!

Nap Mom said...

You are RIGHT! You are soooooo RIGHT!

This is great. We have a similar and even more informal (and chaotic) set up. This is just the type of organized... but not TOO crazy... meal planner that we need. I love it!

Great little spot for the "too buy" list. Nice addition of smileys when someone else is providing the meal. However, my planner will not have nearly as many smiley faces as yours. :-( Great post!

Leslie said...

you are right...menu planning i s the way to go. i sometimes stray a little and don't get to the planning and it really takes a toll o n the week. i am going to make time this weekend and make a plan.....and you know i always save money when i have a plan. that is one of the best parts

Jennifer said...

I love that white board - I found it comforting and inspiring!

Emmy said...

Very inspirational! I used to meal plan, lately not so much and it is very apparent.

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