February 06, 2012

Solo (of the Red and Han variety)

I know you've heard it.  And if you haven't put an ear to it, I'm sure you've heard of it...

 Toby Keith's newest hit, "Red Solo Cup"Champ was smitten as soon as he first heard it and has been singing it to me ever since.  It takes quite a good song to inspire Champ to sing.

Something needed to be done. So I listened to the song, simultaneously laughing my head off and wondering how exactly to explain this to Bear if he were to hear it.   As I grocery shopped for this past weekend's company, a bag of plastic (PLASTIC!!!!!) Solo cups found their way into my cart and I knew that "Red Solo Cup" should become an event for all under our roof.  It did.

We made friendly toasts to each other and practiced writing our names on the cups.

 We toyed with feats of balance and made art projects.  

 We called up each other on the "Solo" phone line and hydrated during dinner.

 We explained the music video in harmless terms to the younger set

and later watched it over and over again with the older set, reminiscing about our favorite college stories.

we used a wide variety of liquids in our solo cups, but reminded ourselves that there were seven (7!!!!!) children in the house for us to be looking after.  

Those children were pretty set though.  They had created their own theme for the weekend- Star Wars.  So among the many Solo Cups floating around, there were quite a few marker inspired "lightsabers" and "Return of the Jedi" action figures.

It was indeed a weekend to toast good friends, fond memories and catchy, viral tunes.


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Isn't that the silliest song ever? I heard it at Christmas time and cracked up! It's on the most downloaded list at iTunes too.

Jess said...

This: "a bag of plastic (PLASTIC!!!!!) Solo cups found their way"

I feel your pain! And I love you for throwing that guilt away in order to add such a fun thing to your family's day! :D

KevinMaier said...

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SUGAR MOON said...

I enjoyed your post and will be back. Thanks for the comment on mine. If you have never read the Mark of the Lion series and you like to read christian books then you will love them. There are three in the series and they read very fast even though they are thick. The first one is Voice in the Wind. Happy Reading!
Oh and your little bear is a cutie.

Kate said...

Oh, T.J. This looks so very fun...how creative you are! We always have a big package of red solo cups in our garage in case of a spontaneous party!

Emmy said...

Totally need to go listen to that song now. Sounds like a great weekend.

nadine said...

Those little red cups are used each time my class water colors! Now I'm singing as I hand out the rinse out your brush cups!! If only Champ was teaching in the same building - we could sing together. Take care ~ always!

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