February 17, 2012

Will you find it mundane?

I have a bit of tidying up to do around here,  so take them or leave them, here are some recent facts:

My adorable, giggly job continues to go well.  Each day I am learning balance and patience.  Patience patience patience for the things I do or don't accomplish, for unconditionally loving a toddler, for Trot vomiting at the bedroom door while I nurse Ace to sleep.  Oh yes, patience.

I hired a Jedi Knight to clean my windows.  He later commented that his bottom hurt.  I told him that perhaps it was because his wetsuit Jedi uniform was a bit snug fitting.

Said Jedi Knight switched to being a firefighter with a dalmatian (dalmatian?!) for the afternoon.  I didn't mind because by then my windows were clean.

 The 'ol girl went to the vet this week.  She needed to have her "senior checkup" and she worked up an ear infection just to make the trip worth it. 

 So we went and it was strange. 

She was looked over and deemed quite healthy, but I had that awful feeling that we were talking over her.  The vet and I discussed the clear fact that she is nearing the end of her journey.  We reviewed how to make it most honorable and comfortable for her.  These are the times when I wish she'd 
speak up. 

My 16 and a half year old dog is doing just fine and can act mighty young when she wants to.  She has lumps and bumps, her hips are going and her eyes are watery, but she's feisty and ornery and loving and determined to kick around for a while longer. 
 I love her for that.

Bear had an impromptu visit to our friend D's farm.  He came back singing the praises of trucks, horses and chickens who lay eggs that smell like horses.  He was also sent home with a decent amount of eggs.  I promptly added them to the 13 eggs (egg whites, that is ;)) I was cracking to make an angel food cake for our company this weekend.  Thank you, D!!!!

I followed my mentor, Fannie Farmer's recipe this time, but here's another version I like to make. 

And to polish things off:  
Grandparents, take note!  Ace has grown.  And grown.  He now prefers to wear hipper, more fashionable 9 month old clothes.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  Mine will be full of dear friends and angel food cake.


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

You've been busy! I hope your pup does stick around for a lot longer. It's sad when they start to slow down. :(

A :) said...

lmao you have offically outsized us :) just moving out of 3-6 heading into 6-9 lol. LOVE the pics and miss you all SO much! Oh and I made breastmilk yogurt! It was soupy but I think it worked. Smelled like yogurt and Gus liked it! I'll prob let it sit longer next time to see if it thickes at all. Read I could add sugar to help the culture growth (ticken) but i'm not wanting to go that route. <3

Kate said...

Love the dalmation and the ol' girl. Such sweethearts with your two precious boys. Vomiting while you nursed? That's just the way it goes with little ones around. Oh...the stories of bad motherhood I could tell you!

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Babies and baking... sounds like a life I'd like to have. Kindergarteners are a handful. I finally have a day off, and I'm able to catch up and read all my friends again. Yay! Have a great day with your wonderful brood! :)

smalltownme said...

I love the first pic with the dimples on the sweet chubby hand. So cute!

Colleen said...

Awww... so sweet. Just look at how big those boys are. :)

I need to consider hiring a Jedi to clean my windows. I bet they do an amazing job.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Yum!! Pass that cake and I'll get the coffee :)

Happy Friday!

Leslie said...

angle food cake and friends is a combo i think one could not resist.

Jenilee said...

great pictures! mundane? no. mommy life :)

Lady Jennie said...

What a great summary - not boring at all! :-)

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