March 23, 2012

Goose Moon

By the light of the full moon, we name the seasons: strawberry moon and sturgeon moon, cold moon and harvest moon.

Indeed, the season of Spring follows the pattern as it thaws through our sluice of lake ice.  One night it is winter and then the March moonlight highlights our slumber and the geese call from their dark sillouette against the stars; we awaken dazed like the stumbling bears and moose to see that yes indeed, the geese have brought Spring on their wings.

March 9th, a day after the full moon, we heard them encouraging in the night.  The following morning there they were, gingerly walking the perimeter of the beaver lodge ready to settle in if only there was enough water to paddle through.  Bear and I read Goose Moon by Carolyn Arden (one of my favorites for this time of year) and a few books on migration while we watched and waited.

Those clever geese knew it wouldn't be long until they would be gliding around again.  Within a day our entire lake had melted and by dusk we were tossing the birds a welcome home dinner of breadcrumbs.  Our own dinner was a Spring Equinox celebration of the promised warmer weather to come, and once we had feasted we toasted the geese over a dessert of strawberries and cream.

Welcome geese and welcome Spring.  We are glad to have you both back.


Kate said...

Gorgeous photos and story TJ. Yes, welcome SPRING!

Amy said...

Welcome spring!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Welcome back indeed. Spring is a lovely time of year!

Jenn said...

Beautiful! I have never heard of this book (nor these names for the moon phases) but I will be looking it up at our library. Ah, Spring!

Emmy said...

You really live in such a beautiful place!

Mark said...

Beautiful shots there! I really love it when spring is approaching.

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