March 28, 2012

Lenten marshmallows

At my house, we are in full swing with Lent which means we are beyond the half way point of learning to cope with what we've sacrificed, or "given up" for the season.  Champ turned his nose on sweets this year.  It was tough, but he's plugging along just fine and much more pleasant than say, in previous years when he gave up COFFEE!!! 

I know Jesus didn't have a spouse and all, but seriously, wives and husbands should have a say in what the other gives up- case in point: I was not so friendly the years I gave up bacon.

          (a meditative post can have meditative pictures, right?)

Jesus also didn't have Internet, but I think he was still proud of me when I prayed that for Lent I was giving up two blogs I regularly follow.  They are big business blogs, and while they are great reads, I felt I needed to rein in my time spent at each- even if it was only for minutes a day.

I started reading Mckmama a long, long time ago.  Her site has morphed around a few times and she certainly stirs up controversy, but I enjoy seeing what she's up to even if it's something I don't necessarily embrace.  She is like my easy reading, drama novel; complete with cute kids and colorful, inspiring photography.

Now, SouleMama is a different beast entirely.  The only similarities between the blogs are the large amount of children and love of photography; besides that, SouleMama is more like a classic Jane Austen novel. She is honest and talented, crafty and inspired by nature: she is everything I strive to be and yet, not.  

Here's where Lent comes in.  I needed to stop being so attached to Mckmama's drama and I needed to cut myself a break from Soulemama's perfect world.  I needed to focus on My family and My God, so I pulled out the cyber scissors and snipped.  For me, it is a harder Lenten season than bacon ever was, but so very fruitful. 

                                 (caught you!)

Will I go back after Easter?  Most certainly.  These blogs have helped me to grow and explore new terrain.  They have great tips and recommend amazing stuff.  Heck, I learned how to make homemade marshmallows, ketchup and mustard thanks to a book review on Soulemama's blog.  I owe her much.

                                    (Jam it, Pickle it, Cure it)

But when I return to reading them, it will be with a timer by my side and a clearer understanding of who I am, not who I compare myself to, in my head. 

I laugh as I write this, but the true summary is:  I will still savor  homemade marshmallows, but by taking the time to enjoy them in my cocoa, in a cup far away from this computer.


Jenn said...

Beautifully put. And I think you're on to something with the advice to let your spouse have a say in what you give up. Things could get ugly if we gave up coffee 'round here.

I gave up facebook this Lent and WOW, it has been an experience. There is very little that I miss from facebook, but I sure went through an emotional roller-coaster being separated from friends and then realizing I wasn't being missed by friends. And then realizing it was okay, because I wasn't terribly missing them either. Apparently those internet bonds of friendship aren't as strong as you might think. I have kept in touch with a few people, but overall, it has been very eye-opening for me on what healthy relationships look like.

How many bonds have I missed out on in person because I was superficial bonds?

deb duty said...

I haven't been spending as much time online lately either. Not because of lent but I think I just needed a break. And there are just so many distractions!

Jennifer said...

Wow I now feel like I need more hippies in my life after reading soulemama - I see what you mean. I gave up the bottle but I get a couple mulligans... birthday, St. Patrick's Day. Fun fact my dad told me - you get Sundays off from Lent. I looked it up - its true?! :) You were nice about bacon even when Mark whipped out the brown sugar bacon... mmmm

Emmy said...

Hmmm I have never heard of those blogs and now am not sure if I dare click the links or not :)

Devon said...

Ugh... I need to give up Words With Friends on Facebook... I really do.. it's getting ridiculous.

I may have to swing over to those blogs... but I am a horrible blog reader! Maybe one of these days!

alita jewel said...

I go on and off blogging breaks all the time. It is so healthy as a blogger to know when to unplug. I love that you "get it"


Mrs. Bird said...

I gave up Facebook for lent. I'm glad I did....don't miss much of it. Thinking I'm culling my friend list again when I return....I'm back in a I only want to blog privately phase. The Internet is just drama in general. But, I've "met" some awesome people!

Mark said...

It's really hard and saddening when we give up something we really love. But sometimes it's losing something that makes us realize there's something amazing in the store waiting for us.

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