March 17, 2012

Leprechaun traps

Yup yup, I'm still here.  Just took a good long break to get things in order, and take a deep breath or two.

Stopping in over the weekend to wish you a clever and boisterous St Patrick's Day no matter how you chose to celebrate it.

Bear was feeling lucky and celebrated by developing an elaborate plan of how he was going to catch a leprechaun.  He told me he really only wanted to talk to the wee folk and then let it go after he wished for a space ship and said he'd take the leprechaun along for a ride.

He set traps both indoors and out just to cover all his bases.  This morning he was delighted to discover he came quite close to nabbing one.  The generous leprechaun even left a bit o green behind.

                               (why yes, those are leprechaun footprints)

I also found some treasures today.  As I was downloading my point and shoot camera pictures onto the computer, I discovered that Bear had been honing his photography skills.

The point and shoot camera is kept within his reach and he's been shown how to properly use it- although the above picture doesn't quite reflect that, now does it?  Anyway, I found some pictures he had snapped

among them were some of Sterling.  It was a surprise to see them and of course I cried, but I was so joy filled too to see that Bear had in his own way captured memories of Sterling's final days with us.

That son of mine, he is a gem in his own right and his pictures gained a perspective that I never could have achieved, even with my fancy Rebel DSLR.

Perspective.  It's a game changer.

There were also about a gazillion short videos of Champ that Bear had taken.  He must have followed him around for the better part of a day.  Here's one of my favorites, it's all of 8 seconds long:

Oh the expression on Champ's face.  This must have been one of the later videos from the day.


Mrs. Bird said...

I love finding gems like that! Which is often because Brooklyn can take about 30 photos a second on the iPad....I WILL get you this wrap soon! I'm so distracted by completely renovating our house...

Devon said...

love the footprints.. haha!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Oh the leprechaun fun was wonderful!

Amy said...

So Sweet!

Mark said...

Those leprechaun footprints are cute. Haha.

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