April 03, 2012


Merriam-Webster, juxtaposition: the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side; also : the state of being so placed.

You want an example?  Yesterday began Easter week, a very big deal at my house.  Yesterday began Champ's birthday week, a very big deal at my house.  Talk about mood swings...
Obviously it doesn't happen every year, but when these two paths cross... well it makes me grateful to have my birthday in November and not have to make the choices Champ must make.  But that's why he's stronger than me.  And selfless too.  It could be considered a great gift to have one's birthday on Easter and Champ handles it gracefully. 

While determining when to fast and when to eat birthday cake, we are busy constructing all the usual kinds of Easter crafts and a few rarities too.  Like the tomb of Jesus: it's baking away in the oven ready to be painted and used for reenactments in the coming days.  

 (Bear's crucifix for the tomb)

Prayer, fasting and alms giving are where it's at this holy season and so Bear has been gathering up alms like a fiend- checking under sofa cushions and plucking lucky finds from the yard.  This Lenten tradition of alms giving is in addition to what we donate for Boxing Day  and it seems he will have POUNDS of change to put in the collection basket by this Sunday!  
Do you have traditions for Easter?  Religious or otherwise? I especially am curious about Easter baskets as Mr. E Bunny hid Champ's, but mine was in a well cherished nook each year.  Does the bunny hide it different ways at different houses?  How interesting! 

Some of our newer tradition influences have come from the book "Treasuring God in our Traditions" by Noel Piper.  She has some fabulous ideas for traditions: Christmas, Easter, funerals and yes BIRTHDAYS being among them.

So we celebrate.  And then we celebrate some more

and we begin to build our own traditions among those carried over from long ago while balancing Holy week among them all.  Cake and ice cream celebrations alongside somber fasting.  Reverence for the Son of the Almighty and His great sacrifice.  Reverence always, always for my husband and daily sacrifices made not for himself, but for his family, leading me to muse again that there is something extra special about a person born on Easter.   

 Happy Birthday Champ!  I love you!


Kate said...

Have a great birthday, Champ. Looks like Holy Week is very busy for your family. Lots going on here, too. We are involved in a musical 'Living Last Supper' on Thursday. All this leading to a triumphant Easter Sunday. Blessing to all.

Devon said...

I just wrote a long comment--and my computer messed up and I lost it! (UGH!) So in short... we are doing a basket - not sure about hiding it though since our gal is only 1. That book sounds interesting as I'd like to find ways to celebrate with God in the forefront! As Eloise gets older, I definitely want to do a lot more as far as crafty, baking things that can help me explain the Resurrection story!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Because the kids aren't here, I won't be doing anything fancy at all but I LOVE seeing everything you're doing. I miss all of that!

Lady Jennie said...

My birthday is in November too. The 21st. :-)

It's funny - we are super faithful, but Easter is more commercial than religious for us, just as Christmas is. I think it's because we regularly study the Bible with people and when we do, we study out the Crucifixion as part of helping them to understand. That tends to be when we connect more than Easter itself.

I do love the holiday though for the religious and tasty reasons. ;-)

Emmy said...

Hope Champ had a great birthday- and I think it is perfectly good to be celebrating during Easter as yes it is a very sacred time but it is also a time to celebrate as Jesus died for us but He lives!!
We hide the Easter baskets with clues, so they have to search and one clue leads to the next. When they are little I just draw pictures, but as you get older than they become more riddle like.

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