April 20, 2012


Did you know that I am Italian?  My red hair* gives it away, doesn't it?  
 Maybe because of my genetics, or maybe just because I love FOOD In General, I am a sucker for tiramisu: the creamy, chocolately mocha dream with lady fingers drifting all around.  Who wouldn't like such a thing?

I wake sometimes to find myself salivating for this confection only to be stopped in my tracks... WAAAAH.  There are no ladyfingers left in the house (yes, this is indeed what I dream).  I need not enter into that nightmare any more- check it out- at this week's yard sale, I payed $1.00 for a ladyfinger pan!  Oh yes, I came right home and made up a batch of tiramisu and it was the stuff GOOD dreams are made of.  

Even if you never stumble upon a ladyfinger pan, just buy some at the grocery store, whip the heck out of the remaining ingredients and cover the whole thing with cocoa.  the.end.

TJ's Tiramisu

2 eggs                1/2 C whipping cream that's been whipped and chilled
8 oz mascarpone                             2T Kahlua
2C strong coffee or espresso          about 18 ladyfingers
1/2 C sugar                                   1/2t rum extract
2T cocoa

- separate eggs.  Beat yolks with 1/4C sugar and a pinch of salt until thick and light yellow in color, about 4 minutes.  Add in mascarpone and rum extract, blend all well.  Gently add in whipped cream and set mixture aside.  Beat egg whites with 1/4 C sugar until peaks form, but not dry.  Stir some of the egg whites into the yolk mixture, then fold in the remaining whites.

- Add kahlua to coffee mixture.  Carefully dip each ladyfinger in the liquid then begin to cover the bottom of a small bowl or pan with the cookies.  Add enough dollops of the mascarpone mixture to cover the cookies.  Cover with ladyfingers, then add more mascarpone.  Repeat.  Depending on how wide/deep your pan is, you might get one more round of cheese/cookie layering in.  End on a mascarpone layer and dust the top with cocoa.
Eat your creation.  Then ask for seconds.

(*ps: remember I henna?)


CailinMarie said...

looks and sounds so yummy! I do love tiramisu and I have never made it, nor have I made lady fingers...
the vegan hubs is away tomorrow...
your photos rock btw

Mark said...

I'm sure my kids would love this! They love mango floats and tiramisu as well.

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