April 16, 2012

To do

All day long I thought today was Tuesday.  I even went so far as to correct Bear while doing calendar.... but Mama it IS Monday...

the confusion stems from the fact that Champ is home with us this week.  His school has Spring Break which means we welcomed him back into our fold and said goodbye to my job for a week (can't wait to see you next week!).

                                           a path to the blocks

I think it's going to take me until Wednesday to fully transition to this out of the ordinary schedule.  Our combined "to do" list is about 8 pages long and it's just begging to be condensed as we haul the canoe down to the lake and light bonfires in the middle of the day.  A festive mood around here for sure, but there is work to be done I tell you and eventually we will set down the canoe paddles and begin.

The other news of note is that Ace turned 6 months.  A whole half a year old, oh dear!!!!!  With the 6 month marker comes food...

lots of yummy food.  I adore adore adore this stage of babyhood (except that it means he's a 1/2 year old. yikes!) and look forward to not only posting fun foodie pictures

but a little behind the scenes peek in to the method we use to introduce him to such delicious goodness.  All that can wait for now though, because there is a family right outside my door waiting for me to join them in play.  That "to do" list can wait a teeny bit longer. 


Emmy said...

Six months! Holy cow that went fast! Enjoy spring break with your family

Mrs. Bird said...

He is too cute! I really want to try making baby food this time around :)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

How cute is he shoving fistfuls of food in his little mouth?!!

Nap Mom said...

Seriously? Now I get it - your "other job"... I finally figured it out. I'm a little slow, I know.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. The little free library project came to a halt when my husband got a piece of sawdust stuck in his eye (yes, he was wearing safety goggles). He's all better now. We just need to make the door, apply lots of protective varnish, and put it out by the road. Yay!

I can't wait to hear all about your fun Spring Break with the family.

Mark said...

Now you're multitasking. It's really not easy to be a mom and blogger at the same time. I can tell Ace is enjoying his foods so much.

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