May 17, 2012

Baby Led Weaning-first foods

So many choices!  Where to begin when introducing foods?  Following Baby Led Weaning's advice, here's what I did:

                                                     ham from our friend's pig

Foods were introduced in no particular order.  In the beginning it was a bit more geared to baby, but now pretty much whatever we eat, Ace gets.  There is a caveat here: we mainly eat organic, local, or homemade foods which are just the type of ingredients I'd want Ace to be taking in.  It's not ideal all of the time- I've seen him slipped a french fry or two and last night we were all so tired that I let him nibble on some pizza- but in general, his food is pure and fresh.   I stayed away from some of the conventional no-nos like nuts, berries, and egg whites for the first month, but after that no limits were set on what he could have.   We have no allergies on either side of the family to these things, so I wasn't worried.  He still has not been given whole nuts, raw carrots, or raw apples due to the choking hazard.  I also toasted most breads in the beginning 2 weeks or so rather than give it to him soft.

I don't have much time today, but I do want to list some of the first foods my boys have had:
~cooked egg yolks, yogurt, wheatabix and rice cakes spread with cream cheese, bread dipped in soups, cucumber, roasted eggplant, banana, mango, steamed carrot and parsnip, steamed broccoli trees, oven baked sweet potato, avocado, pear, applesauce, hunks of steak or ham to suck on, rice balls: bits of leftover fruits rolled up with cooked rice, hummus...

I'll stop there for now, but basically the list is quite extensive and it can all depend on your baby's preferences.  You might also notice that a lot of the conventional first foods are there, but the difference is in the form that they are offered.

Remember that ham up there?  Well, I'm off to meet our friend's newest piglets- Bear is bedside himself excited about it!  Take care til we chat again.


Devon said...

What's Wheatabix??

Mark said...

I think it's good to practice kids in nibbling foods. Also giving them healthy foods are a plus. Think I've got to check out baby led weaning.

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