May 11, 2012

Baby Led Weaning- Prelude

                                                                    carrot face

I first came across the concept of "Baby Led Weaning" when Bear was beginning with foods.  At that time it was little known in the US but well accepted in Europe-especially Britain- and a book was about to be published on the subject.  I read the online UK forums about it and devoured (ha!) the book; baby led weaning was exactly what I was looking for.


Follow the links for full details but in a nutshell:

Baby Led Weaning means the child determines what to eat and how to eat it.  Babies are given properly proportioned (and cooked when need be) bits of food (this does not mean bite size!) and then they have at it.  They pick up what they want to eat and explore food with their hands. 


~baby led weaning is messy - but really only in the beginning until they get the hang of it
~baby led weaning does not use purees or mashing of foods
~baby led weaning is fascinating to see in action
~baby led weaning has been around forever under different names-now it is having a rebirth of sorts

                                                         pasta night

I can read your minds: but but they will choke for sure!  but they will never learn to eat properly! but but how will I know my baby is getting proper nutrition?! but my baby always takes huge bites so there's no way this will work for her...  
                                                    rice cake with cream cheese

Easy Now!  It's not complicated at all and your baby will amaze you.  Go and read up on it- do your research- and then decide for yourself.  Everyone is different but I personally love the concept and the science behind it: both my boys continue to grow up healthy and strong with glowing reports from the pediatrician every time.  What more could a Mama ask for? Especially a foodie Mama like me!  And so- for my family - baby led weaning is an important tool in early nutrition.

                                   first "sippy cup" aka shot glass

Come back next week for episode two on the Food Network- Baby Led Weaning Channel...

*by then I really hope my comma button will be back in action because this is getting old and dash marks just don't cut it. 


Mrs. Bird said...

Fun! We're getting to the eating stage too :)

Kate said...

This is great TJ. The grandson is eating some pureed foods now, and I am wondering if he could do some of this. May try it with a banana this weekend!

Emmy said...

I think I did a little more baby led weaning with Ryder more out of- ah he's the third, he'll be fine than thinking of it being a good thing. So I did it because I was lazy ;)

Lady Jennie said...

I didn't realize what it entailed - I thought it was just the timing of it, not the choice of foods.

Adorable baby, of course.

CailinMarie said...

really darling photos! To me this makes sense - I remember being appalled when my oldest was in infancy and a pediatrician told me to "go ahead and give her eggs" to teach her to eat them but that she can't digest them yet. WHAT?! And I ran out and read a variety of methods/theories/ideas and decided that if she had enough teeth to eat something then she should probably eat it and if not then maybe she should wait... and followed her lead.

BalanceKit said...

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koreen (aka: winn) said...

Love it! I wish I'd done this. But I had paranoid people looking over my shoulder constantly and didn't know any better.

Also... love the shot glass-sippy cup. I used one too! I especially loved how it fit right in his little hand, and is so thick so doesn't break easily. And the fact that it distressed and freaked out my god-fearing ultra-conservative fundamentalist-christian MIL? Super-triple-bonus!!!

Jessica said...

I look forward to hearing more about this since our babies are the same age!! :) Gorgeous photos of Ace!!

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