May 15, 2012

Baby Led Weaning- Prep work

Bibs.  Definitely bibs for baby led weaning (blw) and I'm telling you, they will only be about 60% useful in the beginning. 

YET... once a baby gets the hang of blw he or she tends to be amazingly neat and tidy with their food from then on.  This turned out to be quite true for Bear: it's too early to tell with Ace- he's still imbedded in the messy stage!

Along with bibs, preparing for a blw eater is parallel to preparing for a more conventional way of introducing foods.  High chair, utensils, cup... all are used except that it is the baby, not the grown up, who is handling them (well alright, not the high chair).  As for signs of readiness, it is recommended to begin introducing solids @ 6 months or later and BLW advocates for the same timeline.  The reasonings are many, but one I highly favor is the data that shows a baby is much less likely to develop food allergies AFTER 6 months.

Here's where I admit Ace began at 5 1/2 months, so there is a bit of Mama's intuition involved in all of this!  He was wildly expressing an interest in foods and joining us at the table in the high chair.  We began by giving him his spoon, fork, and cup to explore.  Then came the mesh bag with a ripe pear, avocado, or banana in it.  Within days he had figured out how to suck the mesh dry and reality hit- he was ready. 

                            ok, so cute nieces can spoon feed him yogurt

If Ace had been a full 6 months I would have skipped the mesh entirely- it wasn't a safely measure that I did it for, but rather to give him a food experience while we ate.  Turns out he didn't want to play with his food, he seriously wanted to eat it.    

Up tomorrow: well, what exactly did he eat in the beginning?!


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I've never heard of the mesh bag technique of introducing foods. That's kinda neat!

Love the messiness of babies!

Leslie said...

time sure flies!!! he is gorgeous

A :) said...

omg those pics are the cutest things ever!! <3 miss you guys!

Jenilee said...

ok - that first picture is to-die-for cute!!! love his precious face!!

Emmy said...

I never used those mesh bags but didn't even know of them until Alex. And yes, some kids are just more messy. Ryder is by far my messiest eater- he just still has a tendency to rub his face at some point during eating, and when your hands are messy- well yeah :)

Devon said...

We tried those mesh bags and it was more of a hassle than anything!

We try to do as much whole food and organic food for Eloise as possible. I know people who started giving their 5 MONTH OLD MCDonalds french fries. REALLY? Yes (she didn't even have teeth yet). Such a shame. Eloise will know no McDonalds (or any fast food) from us!

Anisky said...
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Anisky said...

I'm searching for baby led weaning book in google image and I look at the baby picture, makes me laugh and smile, so here I am...what a cute little baby you have. Greetings from Indonesia.

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