May 03, 2012

finding our axis

Today was supposed to be a post about baby led weaning- Ace has been wanting so badly to share his experience with you, but oh hopefully healthy reader that is not the case today.

Instead these past few days have been "reentry" into my full life.  Ace, Trot and I returned to Vermont this Sunday after having been in Pennsylvania for the weekend (my brother-in-law's wedding happens so soon!!!!!).  Bear and Champ bonded as only males can while holding down the fort here and once we were all back in each others arms, we excitedly shared stories of the weekend.

That was then.  RIGHT NOW Champ is battling the stomach bug that currently lurks around every corner in his school and Ace is deep in the trenches of cutting teeth.  Poor souls.

And so, Bear and I locked ourselves in my craft room for a while.  We needed bonding time of our own after having been separated for a few days and he has been very vocal about how badly he needs a fairy costume.  Yes fairy~ so delightful and innocent.

 Our small friend (my small job)  wanted to be a part of the action too.  All 3 of us spent the better part of the afternoon in that craft room playing and exploring while the sewing machine hummed away to very explicit three year old instructions.

Pleased with the results, I was immediately hired to outfit bear in matching attire- the best compliment a seamstress could ask for.

One member of the family satiated, two more to go...

A big pot of chicken noodle soup is the end all cure all, correct?  This time around, I used left over chicken that had been coated with a scrumptious rub.

With a gulp, I defrosted a WHOLE GALLON BAG'S WORTH of strawberries from last year and drizzled it with maple syrup.  My sad two men are worth every berry and really, who am I kidding?  It's not like Bear and I won't devour them too.

In a show of sympathy, I even opened up Karen Solomon's book (yet again!) and tried out the graham cracker recipe.  It, like everything else I've made from that book, was delicious.

The only thing remaining for full recovery or tooth (whatever the case may be) is time and love.  Until then, I will remain by my family's side: nibbling on graham crackers, fixing cups of black tea just right and blissfully ignoring the world at large until my own mini world is back on it's proper axis.


Nap Mom said...

You've been so busy.

The strawberries... are... mouthwatering. Our local strawberry field opens tomorrow and now I think I could even take a day off of work to go get my hands on some strawberries.

I saw your post on my blog (of course). Yes, that is a crane frog humidifier sitting on the bookshelf. I love it and the kids do too... which is why we got it.

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