May 08, 2012

Night Owl in the garden

Since Saturday, the garden has slowly been waking up.  Truthfully, it's been a bit longer than that, but pulling out last year's leftovers (I disdain turning down beds in the Fall.  Just a quirk of mine.), pruning up some of the trees, and helping watching Champ add manure, compost and ash to the soil hardly counts in my book.

Now is the exciting part when the seeds and sprouts go in and the magic begins.  It's the time when, if I were a more organized gardener, I'd be taking planting notes and reviewing last year's garden journal entries.  However, the full "flower" moon has just passed and the hermit thrush are returning to the woods; that's as good a notebook entry as any for me.

Yesterday was to be the planting push for getting some hardy herbs, the remaining onions, escarole, spinach and a few cucumbers into the ground.  Oh it happened, but not during daylight hours- there were croquet rounds to be played and babies wiggling in the sunshine.  To the left of me, there was even a dog needing a sturdy pat or two.  In short, it was a busy day for this Mama.

Thankfully, the other gardening convention that I'm not too attached to is gardening by daylight.  Sure, sure that is the BETTER way to go, but when the inevitable occurs as it did yesterday, I don't mind finding myself in the garden while the moon is rising and the geese are beginning to settle down for the night.  It's a different kind of peace than I feel in the early morning hours of gardening: a winding down for the evening rather than an awakening to the day.

 (I do not yet have all the skills for taking night shots without a flash, but a girl's got to start learning...)

This morning my muscles are a bit sore and my eyes a bit bleary but I'm grinning from ear to ear.  The weather forecast is rain for the next three days and all my freshly planted seeds and sprouts are gonna love it.

*it seems my comma button decided to stop working midway through this post.  Maybe it is tired today too?
* quite clearly night gardening would not happen without the help of Champ.  You are the best XOXO!


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I can see how it would be very peaceful out there in the evening indeed. I'm glad you got it all done!

Pam said...

Picked lettuce for the first time this past weekend. Anxious to get the seedlings in ... thinking of you!

Emmy said...

I am horrible at night shots too- you really need a tripod and I am always too lazy to get one :)

And sounds like your day totally made it worth it to plant at night

Mark said...

Sounds like you really had a tiring day. Hope you'll have a good harvest!

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