June 26, 2012

Free For All

Another title for this post could be: I SHOULD BE PACKING, but that would be admitting I'm not using my time wisely...

Free for all summer days it is:  Champ finished up his school year last week and his summer camp director job doesn't start until next week.  My adorable work ended last week as well

                                 miss you, M!

which means we have a few free days on our hands!  Do you really think I will spend them blogging?  I mean I love you and all, but still... 
I leave you with a super quick hashing out of this week (almost all on my good 'ol Powershot point and shoot):

 Bear had his very first Vermont sleep over with friends.  He's stayed in Pennsylvania on his own before with grandparents or godparents, but this was his very first one on our turf- a big deal. Oh my, does that mean he's growing up?  don't answer.

A fun friend stopped by for a few days visit- you knew I'd post something about it, right E?!

We introduced Bear and Ace to the wonders of Six Flags Great Escape.

(blurry family shot is my favorite of the day- thank you kind stranger)

We closed the park down, thus confirming the boys were fans.  Champ and I also discovered Bear has a love of speed and height on amusement park rides... just like his Mama.

Until we meet again, be good and Happy Summer.


smalltownme said...

That's a perfect summer week!

Emmy said...

Looks like such a fun week! Did you put your camera on auto? I always do if I am handing it off to strangers as most just don't get it :)

Mark said...

You all seemed to have a lot of fun. I bet Ace can't wait to grow old and have a taste of those rides. Haha

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