June 18, 2012

It ends with a recipe. Promise...

Gotta practice what you preach right?  So, as my previous post dictated, I ignored housework and even gardening this weekend in order that I could spend more time on other, way more fun things.
Things like: strawberries, Champ, meeting up with a bloggy friend (more on that later) and an engagement party.  

This morning I'm trying to remind myself of that as I step over dust bunnies and ignore the dishes in the sink and strawberry juice on the floor.  The athlete in me tells me that practicing is always harder than the actual race... focus on the positive TJ!  Focus on your growth!  Right, right, on to strawberries...

Strawberry picking is a bit of a tradition for us.  We seem to have gotten skilled at the process because when it's a good berry season, we can pick 50lbs of strawberries in 2 hours.  "We" meaning mostly Champ since his picking skills are way better than mine.

I spent quite a bit of my time fiddling with my camera during our outing

but I mean, if one of my goals this summer is to get better with my Rebel, then shouldn't I be practicing?  I was just blabbering on about practicing a few moments ago...

and there are so many things to practice on this camera.  So many things...

Eventually, we did make it home and the daunting process of WHAT TO DO??!!!!! with all these strawberries began. Since it was Father's Day, an immediate dessert was in order.  After gathering the troops for a documentary photo (oh so willingly posed for)

I scrambled to the dirty kitchen, cut a sleeve of phyllo dough in to squares, brushed them with a sugar egg wash, put them in the oven @ 400* for 15 minutes

and made a frozen vanilla mousse:
2 egg whites
1/2C sugar 
2C heavy cream
2t vanilla
vanilla bean (optional)
~beat egg whites until foamy, slowly add in 1/4C of the sugar and continue beating until whites hold their peaks.  Set aside.  Whip the cream, slowly adding in the remaining 1/4C sugar until it barely holds soft peaks.  Stir in the vanilla and add in scrapings from vanilla bean, then fold in egg whites.  Freeze. - adapted from Fannie Farmer

Then we invited our neighbor over for dinner

and a fatherly, summerly dessert topped off with...

*yay S!  You are finally on the blog ;)


smalltownme said...

Beautiful pictures...and the strawberries look delicious.

Emmy said...

Love the pictures! And yes- messing around and playing with the camera is the best way to learn. By the way-my wedding photog friend did not come to our girls night but I am still going to get you some info~

Anyway- looks like a wonderful time- and yes the cleaning and that other stuff is not what the kids will remember but these memories and good times.

Lady Jennie said...

Sounds lovely and sweet! :-)

Mark said...

I love Ace's picture! It's so cute looking at him on this picture happily munching on strawberries.

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