June 14, 2012

Not such a green Mama

What in the world are green smoothies?  I asked myself this as I was trolling around Pinterest for Papa's Day ideas trying to navigate the glasses of green looking milkshakes that were everywhere.  The green followed me: magazines in the checkout aisle, on the menu at the bagel shop... what in the world were they?

I found our Papa craft and set to it with Bear, but for some reason the green conundrum stuck with me.  What should I be knowing that I don't?  Pinterest is a great resource, but sometimes it leaves me feeling unsuccessful.  I look on there for Montessori ideas and there are people teaching their 2 year old Latin.  I need guidance from it for how to use up my fusilini pasta for dinner and I discover someone has created a masterpiece of art out of dried noodles; it seems creative networks are a double edged sword for me.

I forget about the green drink for a while as I dive into my salad.  This is the time of year when I love love love salads because our CSA has started up and my garden is blooming; meaning I have my pick of greens, kale, spinach, and arugula... topped with feta, olives, and walnuts any combination of the stuff tastes out of this world.  So much so that I don't even join Bear for ice cream.

 Later on, I finally get around to researching green smoothies and I am dumbfounded.  It seems the very definition of them are what Bear and I enjoy on a regular basis: I just call it "blending up  the kitchen leftovers".  WHO KNEW?!

 (a soon to be green smoothie along with my other favorite green drink of the summer- that Bear does not get to sample)

This is what I want to tell you and me: don't worry about bucket lists or getting to the museum or picking enough strawberries for jam this summer.  Don't force yourself to complete some home improvements or pick up a new hobby.  Don't feel the need to go to every picnic.  Don't compare yourself to anyone, or anything else.

Self expectations are suffocating and summer is too short.  I may not think I make green smoothies, but I got my own thing going on.  You do too, we just need to acknowledge it sometimes.  To trust it.   

So then, my only summer goal is to try and be honest to myself and my family (and maybe not search too much on Pinterest).  What is yours?


Jess said...

Such an interesting lesson, isn't it? So often what we search for in life is right there in front of us all along.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

My daughter was JUST telling me about the green smoothies she makes for breakfast every day! She uses spinach for her green and vitamins, but she swears it doesn't leave the tiniest bit of flavor.

smalltownme said...

Your summer goal is perfect. I just like to let the summer happen.

Leslie said...

we love our Popeyes...smoothies we make with spinach. but they seem to be all the new thing these days. pinterest does get a little overwhelming as it shows mostly the amazing and fantastic not the real life or everyday. as for summer goals. right now it is to put one foot in front of the other, it is going to be a hard summer at our house.

Jenilee said...

I agree! Let's enjoy OUR summer! :) great post!

Emmy said...

Love this post-- and I think I needed it.

Mark said...

True! Sometimes we tend to ignore stuffs that's already right in front of our faces. It was good of you to use resources that's already available.

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