June 05, 2012

Simple Man

How fast time flies.  I tried to pause and take it all in, but my brother in law D's wedding has already passed and I am still pulling memories from an empty reception hall. A hall where only just days ago, a bride and groom so very important to me began their life together.  I know there were gorgeous words said, a stunning bride to admire, a pretty cute (if I do say so myself) ring bearer, and lots of relatives and friends gathered to celebrate the day. 

 I can remember sitting down in a quite moment to nurse Ace at the reception and hearing Shinedown's version of "Simple Man" (if you have boys, don't click that link unless you are prepared for a flood of emotions) while D danced with his Mama.  I cried long and hard right there in that dark corner of the hall because that song, those lyrics get me every time.  They get me when Lynyrd Skynyrd sings them and they got me with Shinedown too.  I hugged Ace in a little tighter and gazed at D.

He was 11 when Champ and I got married.  This weekend, with Champ by his side as best man and Bear as ring bearer, he crossed the threshold- in my mind at least- from sweet, youngest brother into strong, supportive man with a wife and family: a "simple man" for all the virtuous reasons those lyrics list.

Congratulations to you, D and A.  Long live the life of a simple man where "all that you need is in your soul."

I clicked my camera only a few times this weekend, and only during rehearsal: weddings are not a place where I can focus on my photography, I'd much rather bask in the love and deep words and symbolism of the day.  Some moments though, even professional photographers can't understand and therefore don't capture.  Moments like this...

it seems the wedding impacted my nieces as well, but in a whole different way.  Oh girlies, it is good to dream, but please don't get married too very soon- your emotional auntie would never recover.


Colleen said...

The little ones are so sweet! Love the pic of your nieces. :)

Leslie said...

weddings are just lovely

Devon said...

I absolutely LOVE weddings! So glad you were able to have such a nice time and make so many memories! Sometimes the best memories are made without the "click" of the shutter on your camera capturing them - but you'll always hold them in your heart!

Mrs. Bird said...

Congratulations to the happy couple! Sling.sling.sling. I will make it to the post office soon. I suck at snail mail.....I'm sorry!!!

Emmy said...

So glad it was such a great wedding. And yes, love that picture. I think almost every little girl plays wedding at some point

Mark said...

I remember when I used to play with my friends pretending to be wedded. That's an adorable picture of your nieces.

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