July 02, 2012

3 to 4

Looking in to the face of this week is lovely, if not a little daunting as it is Bear's birthday week and there is much to be done to prepare for a soon to be brand new 4 year old in the world.

                  my parents have the best blueberry bushes ever

I am still savoring each and every day from last week.  Even as some of the days held difficult events for our family to work through, it is always easier and calmer to accomplish anything when completed as a family.  All-one!  as Dr. Bronner likes to say.

And if I admit here that Bear will soon be older, then I need acknowledge the truth that Ace, only a week away from 9 months, is no longer the infant he once was.  Neither is his 5 month old cousin P, for that matter, but oh how charming they 
both are.

To tarry our week out just a wee bit longer, we stopped at a fish fry we've been meaning to try since we pass it every time we are heading home from Pennsylvania.  We were fans- especially of the outdoor seating where we could stretch 
our legs.

The week completed it's charm with a trip to Stratton's fireworks with friends.  This is me figuring out how to use my camera in a low light setting without cranking on the flash.

                                    you are correct, Ace LOVED the fireworks

My camera is finally beginning to reveal some of her secrets; I think we are going to be good friends.

         the obligatory silly firework shot, but look- the moon!  the moon!

Babies grow older, photographers grow more skilled and the days get warmer as Summer sets in to full swing around here.  Two out of three ain't bad.


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

It's so hard to believe Ace is that old already, and Bear too! Goodness!

smalltownme said...

Enjoy the birthday week!

Kate said...

The baby's smile over the fireworks is priceless!

Emmy said...

Tri-pods are the key to low light or night pictures- without them it is pretty hard to get a non blurry shot- unless you have one of those crazy big lenses that cost an arm and a leg.

I have never been to a fish fry.

Pam said...

Happy 4th of July and birthday! We will miss seeing all of you but will be thinking about all of you. Planning a trip to VT in late July. Need to see the new well! :)

Lady Jennie said...

It is very very painful to watch them all grow sometimes. Nostalgic.

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