July 31, 2012

baby led weaning- 9 months

Ace just had his 9 month check-up and he passed with flying colors.  His height and weight and all that good stuff are truckin' along fabulously, so I thought it would be an appropriate moment to check in with you about our baby led weaning progress. 

News Flash: the child still likes to eat

This is the stage in the Baby Led Weaning process where things really start rolling.  He knows how to handle his food, he understands when the family is gathering around the table that food will be passed out and he wants in, and he can eat just about anything at this point.  Corn on the cob is a big favorite right now- perhaps because it's a good gum massage as well as food.

Those teeth are coming: two on the bottom and two on the top with two more about to fully arrive by the end of the week.  His body seems to like working in even numbers.  Baby led weaning for us began before he had teeth, but the arrival of his pearly whites has definitely upped his food eating abilities.  We can even give him whole loaves of bread now...

or not.  He does enjoy bread though and sometimes for lunch he will have his own mini version of a sandwich.  Some of my go-to fillings are hummus, guacamole or peanut butter and homemade jelly.  Yes I said peanut butter.  Nuts (except in whole form) are widely accepted and encouraged as a good source of protein in baby led weaning and as we don't have any allergies in the family, Ace has enjoyed his fair share of peanut, almond and 
cashew butters.

He eats all variations of fruits and vegetables now that the season is plentiful with them.  Sometimes if the veggies are difficult to handle I will mix them up with a "carrier" like rice or noodles to help get it in his mouth.

See the bits of kale on his hands?  I had made us udon noodles with sauteed kale, summer squash and onions for lunch.  He had chowed on most of it before I had the bright idea to take this picture, but you get the idea- the kale was all chopped up and the noodles helped ensure that some made it into his belly.  Same went for me!

He's getting handier with his shot glasses of water or smoothies, but that will take some time.  He needs to be hosed down after some meals, but I can usually predict which ones.  On the flip side, I know which foods he can eat easily and with little mess so those are the ones I usually pack if we will be out and about.

He still eats a large a large amount of his meals in his high chair, but when we have time we practice eating at his weaning table- usually OUTSIDE.  A "weaning table" sounds all fancy and it can be, but ours is a makeshift bench and a small chair.  The breakfast of eggs he is eating just tastes better when sitting independently at a table.

That's it until our next food journey update.
Questions?  Do ask!   


Emily said...

Despite not having any children, I'm fascinated by baby led weaning. I had not heard of it until you posted about it, so thank you!

Emmy said...

So crazy and awesome how many foods he is eating already. He looks so old in the picture eating outside.
Glad it is going so well

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