July 17, 2012

homemade laundry softener joins the pack

You have seen this gig before.  I tend to create it every few months depending on what cleaning supplies I have run out of.  This time around though, there is something new, something exciting, something extra wonderfully scented...

Homemade Fabric Softener!!! yay!  Fabric softener is such a touchy (ha, get it?!)subject for me: I do love it on clothes, but I do not love the ingredient list on most bottles.  Also?  I DO NOT LOVE the price tag on the bottles with A-ok ingredients.

 My days of putting much thought into my softener are over though, because I discovered a perfect recipe for a homemade fabric softener .  The first time around I stuck verbatim to the directions, but since then I've been branching out, trying different hair conditioners and essential oils to add to the mix.  With it costing so very little to whip up a bottle, I'm all for working to perfect my "recipe" before the static and dryness of winter arrive.
As for the weekend:

                            true to prediction, the lake waters were perfect

                                we relaxed in our NEWEST space in the house

    and I got to have quality bonding time with my NEWEST cousin


Emmy said...

That look so fun on the lake! I really want to get out and do something like that with my kids. You look so happy in the last picture!

Devon said...

I don't use fabric softener - unless you're talking dryer sheets - which I rarely use. I mostly use dryer balls. Soooooo... this is going to sound dumb... but how do you use fabric softener? In the washer or dryer? I have never used anything but sheets or balls - so I don't know how to use liquid (?). Like you, I'm not a fan of the ingredient lists on those things - which is why the dryer balls are usually what I use - unless I hang clothes out.

Lady Jennie said...

It sounds just perfect, your weekend. I never use fabric softener since we didn't grow up with it. One less thing I pollute with I suppose (I'm not as green as I could possibly be).

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