July 04, 2012


Champ took Bear to work with him which means both of them will be at summer camp until dinnertime.

Camp activities for Bear!
Birthday prep activities for Mama! 

Today I explore (and struggle a bit with) a new meaning of independence on this glorious red white and blue of a day without Bear by my side.  How will you celebrate?

I'm no stranger to a feeling of independence, though.  Let me explain: I do not have a camera store near me, so when I am in Pennsylvania visiting family and have a moment, I like to return to the shop that initiated me into photography oh so long ago with my Minolta Maxxum film camera.  The Internet is fine and all, but the stuff of my dreams need be felt with my hands. 

Indeed, this past trip I drooled, dreamed, and passed my E.T. like finger over their display cases.  Eventually I collected myself and settled on the day's intention: a reflector.  Then I zoned in on some subjects to test out my newly purchased independence from poor lighting:

Hmm, dramatic and a bit mug shot like.

Shadows have minimized and my child doesn't looks startled.  Blurry, but not startled.  I call that progress and if I admit to you that these photos were taken against a tacked flag, inside a closet, well then you might think I'm really something.  I think you are all something special too.  One more try captured this:

and with a wee bit of processing...

 the results turned out a picture that makes me smile.

Now go and celebrate your own version of Independence!  Happy Fourth of July!


Kate said...

Tell us what type of reflector you purchased. The boys look adorable!

PS. Nevermind. I just saw the reflector link in your blog. Good girl.

T.J. said...

always looking out for you, Kate ;)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

So glad you treated yourself!

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