July 10, 2012

Nothing left to do but smile, smile smile...*

Birthdays are important don't you think?  Friends are even more important and I'm telling you, our group of friends?  they are good eggs- the whole lot of them!  It's been a busy, festive past few days with friends and family by my side, and a little boy proudly shouting "I'm Four" from every rooftop.

                                   ~lobster dinner from Maine
                                   ~bottling kombucha for the party

Party prep:

                                ~get the theme of the day going
                                 ~Bear opens presents from beloved "bear"
                                 ~ pinata is ready to go 
 Party time:
                      ~ If you go down to the woods today, you'd better go in disguise...
                                      ~ glowing sparklers and birthday candles 
                                             ~ staff shirts c/o Renegade Playground
                                              ~birthday garland 
      ~stuffed animal birth certificates
      ~ a huge thank you to my brother, B, and my sister in law, S, 
         for taking on camera duty for me!
                                 ~ going on a bear hunt
                                 ~ multiple birthday cakes through out the weekend

I will stop here, but the memories and the fondness for all our friends and family shall surely carry on... 

Happy happy fourth birthday, Bear!

*"He's Gone"- Grateful Dead


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

You made it so wonderful!

Aimee said...

Homemade birthdays are the best. They really are. Happy birthday to your newly minted 4 year old -- that's one of my absolute favorite ages. :)

Leslie said...

you clearly can throw a wicked party!!!

Mark said...

There's nothing more special than celebrating your special day with the special people. I love having my birthday with my family and friends around. It was obvious the kids really had a great time.

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