July 26, 2012

On the Road

To pack up only our most necessary possessions, gather up all family members and tumble into the car for a road trip is a favorite pass-time of mine.  It's not an all together common pass-time, but when the stars align with the gas tank full and winking like a conspirator, you can be sure my family and I have hit the road.


The notion of getting to Virginia- via stopover in Pennsylvania- made the summer air heady with excitement.  Bear has been a road baby since birth and we are raising Ace along those same yellow lines: we are most certainly of the "why fly when you can drive" camp as solidly as Republicans or Democrats follow their party 
lines (except- ours-are-dashed) 

           wait 'til you see all the yumminess this bad boy held

I anticipate road trips in the same way I anticipated each child's birth.  We found out their gender ahead of time- EXCITING!- I birthed each child knowing already that each would be a boy- ALSO EXCITING!   And so our recent trip was just that: driving down South to see family we haven't seen for 4 years could have been enticing enough, but the journey, oh the journey to get there held it's own charm.

Sampling local harvests from other states and diving down to an underground tunnel. 

 Scanning the steady beat of rain for monuments and new states.


Freely ignoring the local produce and eating according to our epic Southern doctrine- aka living off fast food memories- all the while marveling at a Virginian tree whose fruit is only tasty after the first frost.  Would it thrive if it became a Vermont resident?  If the easy adjustment I had to this humid, sultry accented state is any clue, then my answer would be perhaps quite easily. 

Oh the wonder that only family extended family can provide with their welcoming embraces and stories to tell whose plot involves us all.  All of this, and the clambake had barely begun...


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Sounds so very, very wonderful!

smalltownme said...


Leslie said...

you make what seems so mundane to most of us(road trip) sound so enticing and magical!!!

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