July 19, 2012

Skatepark Redux

It's been a week that shocks my system.  Normal routines of company arriving, company exiting I can manageClearing up the aftermath of all that company and cleaning for more to arrive isn't quite as fun, but doable, especially balanced with the happy thought that we will be visiting family in Virginia in just a matter of days.

What gets me, what jars my core is that this week we are right back where we left off last year.  I feel like I am in a time machine with my heart tearing just a bit, watching my little boy begin to grow up.

It is Bear's second season of Bible camp; he showed no apprehension this time around.  Cloudily, I find myself rubbing the kissing hand heart he drew on my palm and wondering how it is he will be starting preschool in the fall.

This weekend we had our standard issue trip to the skate park after church; it's the same park where Bear learned to ride his Strider.
Now he uses a full on pedal bike and peers up at the biggest of ramps with a mirthful grin on his lips.  He can barely climb up some of them, but he sees no hindrance in that. 

He is brave, and strong, and true.

He is determined in all he does-

this I celebrate while another wee bit of my heart is torn.  The heart is a muscle though, thus it can stretch.  Making room, stretching in to the future seems a better path to take and I will work on it.  There are others waiting to benefit from it.


smalltownme said...

The time machine business just does not stop.

Leslie said...

my goodness he is getting big!!! i can not believe how brave he is about that skate park.

Jess said...

Doesn't that look like a little boy's paradise!

Emmy said...

That is impressive he does that!! And yes while things always change there is something always the same too-- and that is good, it gives us comfort and security in life.

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