July 27, 2012

The Clambake

The clambake:

a tradition in my family that's been around as long as I can remember (our roots trace back to the Mayflower for heaven sake!); the type of event which causes all participants to feel a little extra special, a little bit giddy about his or her shared role in such a major event.  Your steps fall sure and proud on the way to a clambake for you know you are about to be a part of a greater something.

And you are 
just as assuredly as you are expected to physically be a part of that something.  You will work for you clambake supper and you will love every second of it.  For example, my Mom enjoyed her assigned job- "hold Ace so that I can take pictures".

Now this year, there were quite a bunch of children- like cousin C right here who is prepared and confident to take this clambake gig in to future generations.

  His brother, cousin I, plans to help as he sees fit (ooooh it was so good to finally meet them!!!!!!)...

Holding cousin I is my Auntie J.  She already knows how to throw a wicked clambake no matter where she lives, but this year she topped herself by hiring entertainment- for the young and young at heart...

which is also why my Mom had to hold the baby, although Cousin K was more than happy to share that duty...

MMMM, I love my family!!  Champ tended the fire and had it all kinds of hot when the cages were ready to be put in.  Have you ever been to a clambake?  Just follow along...

The cages are filled with seaweed, lobster, corn, and clams.

The cages are then brought to the specially dug pit where they are covered with all manners of hot things, covered with a tarp, and then again covered with dirt.

MORE food is put on the grill, goofy cousin photos are taken, and family history is reviewed.  The steam starts to rise from the pit and my Uncle R and my Dad nod in agreement- it's time.

 The tarp is removed, cages brought up, clambake poured out. 

We feast and graze, fest and laugh long after the tree frogs have announced twilight because there is nothing else in the world like a clambake, and there are not enough hours in the day to spend with those we love.


smalltownme said...

A great tradition!

Kate said...

I've never experienced a clambake. It looks fantastic, TJ!

Leslie said...

you make me feel like i was there.....what a fun time to share

Emmy said...

No way! That is so cool. I have never been to a clambake. Looks like so much fun!!

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