August 24, 2012

Baby Led Weaning- Bear

                                                         ~ yogurt

Bear wasn't born into the digital age like Ace was- I certainly didn't own my awesome Canon Rebel back then.  He also didn't have a Mama who blogged regularly about his adventures until he was 3 months old. So, since I was recently digging through old photos, I set aside a few of the digital ones we actually have that document one of my favorite stages with him- learning how to eat!

                                 ~pineapples, black beans, banana and avocado

Bear was almost 6 months old and I had just discovered the concept of Baby Led Weaning.  I was startled  and excited by it.  I still am as I go through the same amazing stage with Ace.

                                             ~ cucumber, hamburger, cheese

I LOVE foods and I love that my boys are developing an appreciation for all sorts of culinary tastes.  Walk down memory lane with me as I fondly remember Bear's beginning days of Baby Led Weaning...

                                         ~tortilla with cottage cheese, avocado

    ~ rice cake, pear, and cooked carrots make a delightful mess

 enjoying lunch in the office with J

~ a peach

Fast forward to today, and at 4 years old this boy can eat!  For dinner tonight he had tofu, a slice of tomato, smoked trout, 2 raw beans, and some pasta.  He has announced that while on vacation he would like to try eating "shark" and "swordfish".  I might have created a monster.  One can never be too sure, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Baby Led Weaning helped to create this healthy, adventurous eater.


smalltownme said...


Pam said...

swordfish . . . my kind of "eater"! :)

Emmy said...

Yes I might be jealous a bit of how good your kids eat

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