August 30, 2012


Posting pictures from our Cape Cod trip will have to wait; much more pressing is the fact that Bear started preschool.  Relaxing pictures of sailboats and sunset whales belie what I am
feeling just below the surface.  These waters are turbulent.  I digress though, because I know this sweep of emotion comes with the territory and I am fully aware I will get through it (throw a paddle my way, PLEASE!  Someone!)Let's move on before I cry again... 

There is a wonderful German tradition of gifting children with a Schultüte (a paper cone filled with a few small treats) on the first day of each school year.  Let's set aside the fact that I can't believe the day to create and present Bear with his cone has come and gone- it blows my mind to recognize such passage of time.

                                             (a few of the goodies in Bear's Schultüte)

We started the day off by reading the "Kissing Hand" and decorating each other with all our love.

 His school is a local Montessori preschool- can you guess how excited I am about that?!  They change into slippers before starting their school day and once I heard that, I was sold.

I scooped him gratefully back up after his super fun first day and we were off to an afternoon of celebration.  There was a preschooler amongst us now.

On into the evening we celebrated with our proud, confident preschooler.


We feasted on all the favorites of our amazing firstborn and as requested, we topped it off with cake.

I'm certain the grandparents will read this post, beyond that, what's so special about it for anyone outside our family?  Another 4 year old boy in the world starting preschool, beginning to make his way.  The moment isn't special or extraordinary in the broad scope of things.  Shrink it back down to the microscopic lens of this individual Mama's life though, and know that I will revisit this post again and again over the years.  Remembering...


Pam said...

Love it! Exciting about preschool . . . have fun - all of you!

Lady Jennie said...

That's a cool tradition. I'm sure I'll hear about it from my German brother in law when their baby is old enough.

Emmy said...

It's special because it is a big milestone for you and this is your space and anyone and everyone who enjoys reading your blog this is a big deal to them too!! Glad he had a great first day and so happy you were able to get him in such a great preschool

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