August 10, 2012

the sting of blueberry picking

The dear, dear nieces have just left and equally dear friends are scheduled to arrive within the hour; my time will continue to be full of wonderful things- except for blogging!  So quick, quick...

indeed we were at the blueberry patch when this question was posed.  

If you've read around here for any amount of time you know that I harvest copious amounts of blueberries for the year.  

I'm not even attaching a link about my blueberry obsessions because it would be overkill and frankly, boring, BUT two unique and interesting things happened this year in the patch.

We discovered a soon to be luna moth in it's larva stage- so cool!  And then I discovered another bug, or rather, the bee discovered me and went in for the sting.  It felt lovely.

But I had blueberries to pick, so I searched around for some stinging nettle (plentiful around here and easy to identify) because I vaguely remembered reading it could ease insect stings and I was willing to try.  It worked!  and I was able to fill my pail with blueberries galore.  

So, you know, if you are berry picking and get stung by a bee, chew up some stinging nettle and spit it onto your sting- just maybe when no one is looking your way.

ok, gotta go!


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Ouch on the sting, but YAY for the blueberries!

Emmy said...

If the world is ever coming to an end and all things are crazy want to come live with me? You just seem like you could last a really long time without all of the stuff most of rely on.

Sorry you got stung

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