August 16, 2012

White waters

Alright my compatriots.  You know me: at times I sneak away from blogging to focus on my family or to just recharge; this time around I am here because it can be so very comforting to share the details of life with others.  Even when the chronicles aren't mind blowing, there is still such solace in the giving and receiving.  So thanks in advance for reading the words of this typical Mama today...

During our last wave of guests, I ran a race with my friend, T.  It was to support our local animal shelter.  The same shelter Bear and I have been frequenting to visit cats (more on that interesting tidbit later) and to keep an eye on a pit bull in need.   

  Need I remind you of our own pit bull, Trot, in need of a sibling?

I can feel another dog coming into our life sooner than later and yet I have no idea exactly how it's going to happen.  A lot of moments have been happening like that lately; the unexpected blowing in and me learning how to have grace and an appreciation upon it's arrival.  

                           apparently, a dog isn't just on MY mind

Why is it that even in joy-filled moments we must be learning how to navigate the waters of our heart?  "Go with the flow" takes on a whole new meaning when one must really, wholeheartedly try it out.  The best I can figure, going with the flow is like white water rafting: a fun time, a gift really, but something that still makes your heart race in anticipation with each white cap.

So I am anticipating.  A dog.  Bear beginning pre-school.  My job.  Ace getting older... and so on and so on.  Fall brings with it it's own wild ride.

                on a side note, he's 10 months old now.  10 months!

In all reality, our life right now is in an upswing.  Happy and vibrantly buzzing which makes it all the more confounding on how to handle it.  Isn't that strange?  Ask and you shall receive, and yet I don't quite know what to do with all this goodness except pray in gratitude.  A good place to begin I suppose, as God buckles me in for this latest rafting trip He has planned.


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Sounds to me like you're absolutely positively getting a dog soon! lol You guys will love it!

Emily said...

Both of your boys are getting so big! Where does time go?!

I am so glad that life is abuzz with wonderful and vibrant things for you. Enjoy the changing of the seasons and all the newness (that which you know is coming and that which is still unknown)!

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