September 11, 2012


A while back I took pictures of the garden.  I never got around to posting them and now it's harvest time: the season of potatoes instead of potato blossoms and multiplying cucumbers rather than stagnant vines.  No matter, I'm not really one to post much about my garden anyway.

Of course I love love love being able to walk around my yard and figure out elements of a meal or eye up perspective produce to be frozen or canned for the months ahead- it's for this reason that I will continue on about my garden love today.  I do believe each plant and leaf and stem to be utterly amazing and it is easy to send up prayers of gratitude while eating a perfectly ripened heirloom tomato. 

The produce gives gifts not only to the plate.  Time and time again I am grateful as I look out the kitchen window to see Bear diligently gathering up ingredients for our latest dinner or lunch.  Each item from my list ticked off in his head as he goes from the carrot patch to the rosemary to the dirt covered onions.  That night's dinner was a vegetable soup, but need I tell you how much more than that it was to Bear?  To me?

If, before children, you had asked me about the pleasures of Mamahood a garden can hold, I would have mentioned digging in the dirt together, planting seeds here and there, but I could have never envisioned this.  He's my young harvester, my creative prep chef.  He is a delight to watch navigate the garden with an ease that took me years to develop.  He knows how arugula grows.  He connects Harvest time with the geese overhead.

The other is following close behind; nibbling raw beans, inspecting rocks, and always holding a bit of dirt to his lips.  I don't encourage the tasting, but secretly I find it enchanting even as I wipe his face clean.  What has he just learned that I might never know?

Tonight I almost (almost) licked the dirt off the long neck squash in the hopes of finding something magical.  As I began to chop it and add it to the pot I looked out my kitchen window and there it was: my boys, my garden, my own something magical.

PS: those potato blossoms?  They turned on into these giants...

PPS: I acknowledge today's somber anniversary and I send blessings to all of you...


Colleen said...

Your post made me smile... and a little hungry. :)

Jess said...

I think posts like this one, extolling the joys of the most simple of everyday things, are perfect examples of what really matters in life post 9/11. Very appropriate!

Mark said...

Nothing would really beat those kind of moments. Simple moments where you get to be with your family - it's priceless.

Lady Jennie said...

I read in a gardening website that raw green beans are slightly toxic. We grew up munching on them.

Our harvest was awful. 4 tiny tomatoes - that's it.

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