September 06, 2012

Montessori: Space

I rode out Bear's love of Star Wars with a recent bout of activities centering around space.  I don't home school, but I do like to have educational lessons with Bear whenever we can- Montessori helps a lot with this because we can learn it together and then, with confidence,  he begins to complete certain lessons on his own.  So anyway, Space!  Eased around visitors, vacation, free wheeling summer and sudden needs to go to the skatepark; here are a few of the activities we did:

 - Bear used tongs to fill an "A is for astronaut" paper with "moon rocks" he had found on our walkway.

- sensory tub filled with rice and model space equipment.

- 3 part series cards to help review and match the planets
- a set of factual space cards we regularly refer to (from here, although I don't see them right now on the site)

- I printed out moon cards with craters on them to count.  We then used those cards to count the craters and fill them with the correct amount of "moon rocks".  For us it was shape transparencies, but you could use any small thing.  

- with all this talk of moon rocks, we started observing Earth's rocks too.  I called on the curriculum from my VINS days to help me out.  I'd share it, but way back when, I had to sign a contract saying I wouldn't and Catholics don't like to break rules, you know.

 Next up, Bear has requested Beach/Scuba/Shark activities.  The Cape might just be his oasis too what with requesting ocean talk during apple and foliage season.  How dare he...

or rather, yeah!  Another excuse to post a beach picture!

edited to add: "educational lessons" as in more sit down, structured type activities around these parts.   


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

You are coming up with some really fun subjects to explore. I like your activities too!

Jenilee said...

oh... the whales are breath taking... love it!

Emmy said...

What a fun lesson. And that is an awesome beach shot :)

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