September 04, 2012

The final wave

The end is in sight- here's the last of the Cape Cod posts.  I know, how many beach pictures can a gal post, but we all savor our individual oasis and for me it's always been the Cape.  So for all you flip flop wearing, beach combing walkers out there-and our family too-here are more than enough pictures of our vacation for your viewing pleasure...

                      {Bear always, ALWAYS finds treasures at the beach}

                          {beach day in Falmouth}

                  {the "captain" boarding the ferry for Martha's Vineyard} 

                              {Woods Hole aquarium, Flying Horses carousel}

 {hey, I haven't mentioned yet that I promised myself not to edit any of the photos I took on vacation.  Only cropping allowed and I tell you what- it made for stress free photo uploading.  Maybe why there's so many on this post?!}

 {The best of Provincetown: Portuguese Dough and Whale Watching}

 {walking the path to our favorite beach spot in Woods Hole}

{Only when taking our usual family photo at the outlook do I fully become aware of what a difference a year makes...}

                                          {same path- last year, August 2011}

  I counted my blessings on that craggy cliff and found they were too numerous to record on my fingers.

* thanks Dad for some of these photos!


smalltownme said...

You captured a glorious summer.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

That seaside getaway was just spectacular!

Emmy said...

Such great pictures!! Love love that first sunset one, and the one of the sail boat. Plus the boys all on the bed, so cute!

Glad you had such a great time

Pam said...

Thanks for sharing your pics, since I did not get to the Cape for my annual trip, they took me away!

Mark said...

What a fun vacation! I bet you all had fun. Great to see you all smiling and having fun.

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