September 21, 2012

The New York concert that never was...

There's been a bit of such and such happening behind the scenes here.  Most of it has been wonderful, some- like my family getting sick, sick, sick- has not been as lovely.  I have just a moment... want to hear how I escaped to New York City with my girlfriends for two days?

 A year's worth of planning and it all came to fruition earlier this week.  It was my girlfriends' idea- they were right to push me towards a get-away since every Mama deserves a moment to herself now and again.  We were to go to New York.  To Central Park.  To see the Avett Brothers and eat delicious Manhattan food.  I dreamed great dreams about it for many months...

And so by car, then train we arrived in Grand Central Station and spilled out onto the pavement, ready and waiting for the hours ahead.  You know what else was ready and waiting for the evening ahead?  A tornado.  Really though, could a weather phenomenon destroy our excitement?  Dampen for sure, but we had our rose colored glasses with us (and my heavy duty Nantucket raincoat too) so we walked on, only occasionally peering up at the skies.

It started to rain during dinner of pad thai.  It rained as we got on the subway, the winds blew and there were moments of flashing in the sky.  It rained harder and harder, but we were on a mission (and hadn't gotten a concert cancellation e-mail), so we tossed our water drenched heads and continued on to Central Park only to get word that the outdoor concert was cancelled.

Did that get us down?  Only for a moment because we still had our rose colored glasses on and the magic of NYC had yet to fully be revealed.  On our way out of the park we came across a couple and confirmed for them that the concert was cancelled.  They had umbrellas so we huddled under them and  modestly accepted their compliments that we were the cheeriest people they had seen in New York all week: with that, we offered them our tickets for free- saying we could not return for the reschedule.  At fifty dollars a piece we seemed quite generous, or delirious from the rainwater; it was at that very moment that New York City looked down on us in our useless, wind-whipped raincoats and smiled.

The city sometimes gets a bad wrap for being selfish and dangerous with callous people intent on helping only themselves.  One sometimes thinks of high crimes and traffic jams regularly occurring, but I'm telling you on this particular night, in the midst of an intense storm, we felt the warmth of the city through and through.  Our new found friends were grateful for the tickets and took us out to celebrate.  They paid all the tabs and helped us find a taxi to navigate back to the hotel.  It's a story that would scare the pants off me if any of my children came home to announce they had spent the night hanging with strangers in New York City, and yet it played out so perfectly I'd do it again in an instant.

Sometimes you need to assess the risk and then just go for it- afterwards, you will have an amazing story to tell.

PS: Bear and Ace, don't ever do this. ;)


Anonymous said...

FUN!!! If you are looking for another city to explore, chicago is a great option. I even know of two ladies and a 1 year old who miss you guys dearly that ALSO have a spare bedroom ;)

T.J. said...

Why anonymous,
I just might have to follow you up on that offer ;)

Emmy said...

Shoot- sorry the concert got rained out but glad you still had a great night.

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