September 24, 2012

White gingerbread

First off, this coming Sunday is the Chinese mid-autumn, or mooncake festival.  It is one of my most favorite cultural celebrations to share in as I tweak it for the start of autumn here in Vermont.  I've already ordered our mooncakes to help with the celebration because seriously-  any festival that has tasty treats accompanying it gets my vote of approval!  Go check out mooncakes- they are stunning little edible beauties. 

The other thing happening this weekend is a wedding!  Dear friends of ours who live right up the road and who will have the most stunning Fall weekend ever to get married- much love to you, C and N!

No, no... wait for it...

here's the actual beautiful bride (even though our toilet paper wedding dresses were pretty convincing, huh?).  All of this is just to take the round about way of saying this week is busy.  Last week was busy.  I'm kind of losing my mind in all this busyness and so having lovely things like weddings and moon festivals to focus on helps me catch my breath once in a while.

Also?  Seeing my baby boy basking in sunlight.

 Also? white gingerbread.  You came for the gingerbread after all...

White Gingerbread - Marcia Marcoux, Gooseberry Patch "Fall, Family, Friends"
1C oil                                             1t salt
2 and 1/3C sugar, divided     1t baking soda
2t nutmeg                                   1 and 1/3C buttermilk (I use kefir)
4C flour                                        1/8t vanilla
(I add 3 shakes of ginger)

- Combine oil, 2C sugar and nutmeg (also ginger if using) in a bowl.  Add flour, vanilla, salt, baking soda and buttermilk.  Spread into a jelly pan if you want it brownie style, or 8x11ish pan and sprinkle with remaining sugar.  Bake 350* for approx 20 minutes- depending on pan size.  Serve plain, with whipped cream, or as I recently did- with a vanilla cream cheese frosting.

                                                It's that good.
I don't know where to go next now that the post is ended: Finish sorting the basement?  Make the preschool snack?  Do the dishes?  Print out the photos?  Make the beds for wedding guests?  Wash the diapers? Make those phone calls?  FINALLY answer e-mails? Prep the meals for weekend guests...

Ahhh...  ok then.  Feel free to feast your eyes on Ace whenever you need a breather this week- may it hold the same charm as it does for me.


Emmy said...

Okay phew- I sat there looking at the "wedding dress" and was like- wow um okay then :)

Glad that was not the dress.

Hope you have a good week. Love the pictures of Ace

Jenilee said...

so sweet playing in the sunshine... :) oh, and love the dress lol :)

Devon said...

Do you use whole wheat flour in that recipe??

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