September 13, 2012

Wild Rodeo Ride kind of day

 Bear asked for a little sling time of his own and I nearly swooned.  I miss his baby days sometimes.

I'm a bit saddled down with daily life today, but I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about Bear's favorite spot at our local animal shelter: the cat community room.

For today, I leave you with a few pictures from our past weeks.  I've been cleaning up the files for the end of the month and found a few winners:

We went to a rodeo out in the middle of nowhere- even by Vermont's standards.

               I love this shot because of the cowboy in focus

 Friends!  Family!  Finally!  Bear's 4 year old photos will be on their way to your eager hands soon.

Ace continues to love up on the piano.

Dad- the grapes did well, but the birds wanted their fair share.

I continue to study up on my camera.  Holy Moly there's so much to learn!!!!

Lots of small friends to attend to - another reason why I must say goodbye until tomorrow...


Kate said...

Great photos TJ! A rodeo in Vermont? Never really thought about them happening up there. Love the last photo of the little ones eating. Very precious and good light.

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