October 31, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad x2

Power is back on.  We are all scrubbed down and cleaned with wonderfully hot water.  Phone should be back soon.  Never during our power outage did I feel unlucky, but with all these modern luxuries bestowed back on us, I feel like royaly.

Vermont hid under the covers still cowering from Irene, hoping Sandy wouldn't notice us, and she barely did.  The consequence of course is that she focused her energies elsewhere:

to those I know and those I don't, may you be safe, warm, and well fed.  May your recovery be quick and know that the prayers for all of you are intense.

Life carried on here today.  Through the downed trees and rainfall, Halloween began.

My merman and mini-merman eagerly participated in a preschool tailgate parade and are drooling in anticipation of trick-or-treating tonight.

If today's pictures don't put a smile on your face, I'm pretty sure tomorrow's photos, in their full merman glory, will.

PS: I'm playing Pandora's "Halloween Party Radio" station for Bear and I.  It's been playing obvious choices like "Monster Mash" and such, but it just piped out "Jump In the Line" and I thought to myself, "oh of course, Beetlejuice!".  Then I gasped and thought "wow, I'm old enough to make that connection!" 
PPS: Uh-oh, just caught myself jammin' to the "Rocky Horror Picture Show, Time Warp"- Pandora's not making me feel too youthful today ;)

 I promise you that's not candy on his face.  I had already eaten it all up. Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                             


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