October 27, 2012


Just writing you a little note to say hello.  Life is returning to a pace where I need not apply priorities (or lack of) to every.single.thing.  It's interesting the speed at which moments fly in to and out of our lives: if we are not willing to let go of one bit to grab onto another then all is gone before we know what just tumbled through.  So suddenly, and without warning I disappeared from here to grab on to such wonders...

~Remembering anew how special the bond of elementary school friendship is
~ someone had a birthday (more on that later!)
~ the way some of us spent the wedding morning

 ~ Ace and I joined Bear on his first pre school field trip
~ another first- a rainbow over our lake 
~ we continue our growing tradition of picnicing regularly

 ~ Fall arrived and with it, the rains...
~ all that damp weather and a distracted, busy Mama allowing our daily doses of vitamins and healthy supplements to taper off found us a bit ill- especially me.  boo.  So once I got a hand back on the household reins it was back to all the usual- including daily kefir smoothies.

~ we rested and rested some more
~ after all that rest we felt better and Trot was able to again play with a neighborhood buddy who has taken to coming to visit (I think it's adorable that Trot has a friend knocking on our door!!!!)

Slowly, Slowly I, we are getting back to normal.  Champ will begin his winter work in just a few weeks and until then, e-mails can wait, pictures will remain unedited, and the blog might be silent as we settle down as a family to enjoy more of these "wonder" moments together.

I've been thinking of all of you...


Caroline (Frogmum) said...

Hello :D Nice to 'see' you. Glad you are well (now) and life is happy. Your children are beautiful ~ and getting so BIG! Cx

Katelyn said...

Glad to see you! I've been thinking of you!!!

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