November 08, 2012

Baby led weaning on a trip

Just as everyone has their own way of how they "do" a vacation, I'm positive there are different nuances to how some might follow baby led weaning on a trip.  I figured out what works for us; it's smooth, easy, and doesn't involve packing lots and lots of baby food which is awesome since packing already does involve lots and lots of clothes and diapers to remember!  If it can work for you too, then all the better.

                              granola bar at the beach

Our favorite getaway is Cape Cod.  We go there 
 a lot, 
 a lot, 
 a lot,
 a lot.
The more efficient our packing, the quicker we get there so my system when packing for about a week has evolved to this:

pack baby led weaning essentials: portable high chair, water bottle, lots of bibs, rubber placemat, squeeze bottle of water (for easy cleanups), baby size spoon.

                                 chowing poolside on a bagel
prep some healthy choices ahead of time: for us that means steam up some veggies, grab a banana and an apple or two, bake a loaf of bread, make a batch of  homemade granola bars, throw in a jar of peanutbutter (or sunflower butter if you're squeamish about nuts).

                               crackers and clam chowder on the ferry
think your order out: once your vacation has begun and you are eating more meals out, think of the baby as you order.  Breakfasts almost always find us offering Ace eggs or a pancake and a little bit of fruit juice (if it's not the sugary kind!).  Lunches can be hodge poge at times, but cheese, bread soaked in soups, and salads tend to be good options for us.  Dinners range from pasta, chicken, seafood, and anything else he cares to sample off our plates.

  Pizza on Martha's Vineyard.  Do you know how hard it is to find GOOD pizza in Vermont??!!
relax: your on vacation!  As long as I know Ace has eaten a bit from our stash of groceries each day, then I don't worry about his nutrition.  He's had his protein, his fruits and vegetables, so if he samples a few french fries I don't flip my lid.  And anyway, he usually wants to eat a bite of Bear's applesauce or dig into my flounder which are wonderfully healthy choices that he is learning to make ON HIS OWN.

                                   He loves his pasta.

Go with the flow: and then there are those moments where baby led weaning simply does not jive with what we are doing, so we improvise...

Like holding his cheese for him at the beach so it doesn't get sandy.  Or like when we have ice cream and call it lunch.  Oh how I miss vacation!!!   


Katelyn said...

Great post! We have done pretty much this with Bailey because she flat out refuses to let anyone feed her. She MUST feed herself. This is a huge change for us. If you remember Brooklyn was SOOOO hard to feed. She hated eating for a LONG time :( Bailey loves pasta, tofu, ground beef, beans of any kind, banana, puffs, bread, and cheese. I need to start working with her on a spoon. Anything at all "baby-food" consistency she turns her nose up at. Or it ends up on her head...I'm interested to see how she does at her 12 mo checkup. She's a lot bigger than Brooklyn, but still petite.

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