November 20, 2012

Gobbly Good

Take a peek

                                          (don't mind the photo- imagine the FLAVOR)

That right there is sesame ginger popcorn and it is out of this world incredible!  I especially like to make it this time of year because it seems Fallish to me (although I have no problem eating it during other seasons too) and because it is a good grab and go snack when slightly hectic days- like prepping for holidays- are upon me

Are you feeling a little under the gun with Thanksgiving,  Gluttony Bowl, house cleaning, grocery shopping, and editing photos of your 1 year old all vying for your attention?  Eat this popcorn, feel immediate relief (I replace the corn syrup with honey).  

(oh the outtakes... why, why? did you put the "scuba suit" on?)

 I came across the recipe in the 90s and curiously, when I went to goggle it to see if it was posted online, it turned out that the author has since written a cookbook. See?  I know a good recipe when I taste one.

Have a GOBBLY GOOD Thanksgiving everyone! 


PS:  Look- it's me:

 See the resemblance?

My birthday SEASON was fabulous.  Thank you.


Coffee Slut said...

Looks spectacular!
Have a wonderful holiday!

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