November 05, 2012

In the fridge

As power returned, we worked over the weekend to get our fridge and freezer back in order.  

We tossed food and cleaned up spills and all I felt was gratitude.  Guilt too I suppose, as we still have a fridge.  We still have a house.  The impact of Sandy on us was so minimal that it was almost enjoyable- cozy nights snuggled by the fire and a meal simmering on my gas stovetop. 

Oh how I wish I could hand that feeling to all those suffering right now.  Sending prayers to all of you, even as I know the majority of "you" can't read this right now.  Maybe, just maybe you can still feel it.        

So here's my plan:

Get a little Ace love going on this week.  He'd like to share a bit more about baby led weaning and give his thoughts on how toilet training is going.  Thrilling I know, but the silver lining for those of you with no interest in child rearing nonsense is this

a guarantee that the posts will have photos of Ace.  Ah ha- now baby habits of eating and toileting seem a wee bit cooler, don't they? 

*about that cone: so we have organic ice cream cones for all the ice cream we like to churn out here.  I've been known to shove things like hummus and cottage cheese in there for Ace while we all chow done on our vanilla or peanutbutter swirls.  This particular deliriously lucky day, he got to sample some ice cream and he was very protective of his rare treat. 


Jenilee said...

I've been wondering how you are doing! Just now getting over to check your blog! Glad you are getting back to normal and your family is doing well!

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