November 10, 2012

Montessori moment: toilet training at an early age

It's that time again.  Yup, toilet training has taken over our household and I'm slowly remembering the rewarding, ridiculous, and seriously?! moments of it all.  Those memories of a wee Bear going through it makes me feel like it happened only last week

If you want the play by play, the down and dirty details of our past toilet training experience, navigate around from here.  We are following along the same path with Ace only that we began earlier.  Yeah, I know... "earlier than at 12 months like when Bear began?  That still was early!" I hear the question in your voice and I know how insane this might sound, but yes, earlier than 12 months. 

don't begin if your child looks like this

Now if Ace had been skeptical about beginning we would have waited, but he was all smiles and eager to try it out, so at 9 months old we began to follow Ace's cues as well as the advise from my friend who was doing the same thing with her son.

                         do begin if your child looks like this

 And I'm telling you gang, it was fun and easy (as if any element of toilet training could be considered easy. ha.) with the biggest payout being a whole lot less poopy diapers by the time he was 1 year old.  The cloth diapers celebrated by holding a party in the yard.

Does early toilet training work for all babies and familes?  I'm sure it doesn't.  There are different personalities to contend with, different home/work situations, different ability levels.  Babies are so wonderfully complex and each little being unique.  My guys just happened to be wired for early toilet training, so I went with it and I write about it today because maybe there are other wee folk out there who could benefit too.

                                It helps with toilet training that I work at home.

 We decided to begin when we saw these readiness signs in Ace:
-  he could sit up on his own
- he was calm when placed on either the toilet or his Bjorn toilet.
- he was beginning to show an understanding of the simplest signs (as in sign language)
- he made a loud, distinct sound whenever he was about to poop 

There are variations to that list of course: maybe your baby always poops after eating, or scrunches up her face.  If the child can walk, maybe he gets into a low squat, or hides off in a corner etc.  This is not elimination communication in the truest sense of the definition, but it does involve listening as best you can to your baby.  I certainly get it wrong lots of the time, but together Ace and I have navigated the beginning of toilet training quite well.

                              at the clambake this summer

We've found our rhythm and have developed a routine that works around his bathroom habits.  He's still in diapers for much of the time, but they stay dry longer and rarely does he poop in them.  I honestly did not know what to expect when we started, but it has been a rather enjoyable ride.  If you chose to venture out on this journey as well, I wish you the best of luck!  I don't have all the answers, but I am here to try and help you work through any questions that might crop up along 
the way.


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