November 01, 2012

Trick R Trot

Trick or treat:

At one house there was a diorama based on the book Mouse's First HalloweenBear and I were intrigued!

We visited not one, but 2 fire stations.  This tradition was new to me since moving to Vermont, but I love it.  They have bonfires burning, snacks and drinks for the grown-ups, and candy candy candy.  Bear merman collected his loot in a large seashell.

This year's merman inspiration came from: our 2012 visit to Cape Cod, an -ahem- risque photo spread of mermaids in Bear's book "Secret of the Gnomes" (bought to help us with our Tomten research), and our current favorite merman story "In the Palace of the Ocean King".  It's a great read: a fairy tale full of adventure, magic, and mystery.  Plus the heroine saves the day (my favorite part) and the merman plays a key role in helping her (Bear's favorite part).


 Is jumping for joy because besides it being the feast day of All Souls/All Saints and Dia De Los Muertos, it's his birthday Happy Birthday Trotty -trot!! 


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