December 13, 2012

Montessori Huckle Mumble

I keep passing by the computer: wanting to type, not having time to blog, thinking no one has time to read what I write anyway, wishing to document Huckle's important arrival...  it all just keeps swirling around and I have yet to do something about it beside glare crossly at my computer once in a while.  It is so love/hate with her.  

Until eventually I find myself here with an alotted 10 minutes- let's see what I can accomplish:

  another reason not at the computer: snuggling a grumpy Ace.

I have a bunch of Montessori stuff to share, but really, who cares about that right at this very moment?  I'll get to it in the new year, except for gingerbread.  G-men deserve their piece right now, don't you think?

 We recently had a little fun with those yummy little cookies.  It's such a great story for kiddos Bear's age (pre-school) with it's repetitive text and fairy tale like charm.  We read many different versions of the story including Jan Brett's Gingerbread Baby which ends with a twist (no, a DIFFERENT kind of twist!) and Flossie and the Fox by Patricia McKissack which has no gingerbread man in it, but is a great study of the fox.  I had some felt characters left over from my teaching days so we used them for story retells and I pulled out our awesome two-sided floor puzzle of the Gingerbread Baby.  The icing on the cookie?  I set up a station with gingerbread (play)dough and cookie cutters, rolling pin, cookie tray etc.  You could make the dough from any of your favorite recipes, the magic happens when you sprinkle some cinnamon into the mix.  Yeah, yeah I KNOW that's not ginger, but it makes for a yummy smelling, Christmas cookie playdough.  Rest assured, we bake  quite enough gingerbread around these parts that he will not be confused by a little cinnamon in his "gingerbread man" play dough.

          See?  Just look at that transfer of knowledge.

Puppies and babies don't really sit still.

 It's a rare moment when I can snap a not so blurry picture of Huckle and Ace.  But I've been following that dog around a lot- attempting to snap some true pictures, hoping you'll fall in love with him just as we are.  He's trying so very hard even as his size, his breed, his scars, work against him.  How easy it must be for fluffy golden retriever puppies.  That is not to say I have anything against young and bubbly Labradoodles, it just makes me smitten with my own misfit puppy all the more.


 I really will cut it with all the dog pics and posts soon, but come on, he's new!!  And I think he's down right cute.


Kate said...

I love your puppy. He looks like a rather large boy. Looks like he's taking care of Ace.

A :) said...

Huckle is beautiful. Hope to meet him one day soon! Miss you guys! <3

AngelaShep said...

He is adorable! It looks like he and Ace are becoming good friends :)

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