December 21, 2012

Of peppermint and fire

I thought fire might get your attention.  We had a winter storm earlier in the week (and again today) which caused the power to go out.  Champ was at work and I was "working" with all my little friends.  The house was rapidly getting cold, so I cranked the woodstove and then borrowed one of Bear's Christmas gift crafts to ignite a fire in our upstairs fireplace. It worked most excellently.  Friends!  Family!  Be excited as you will soon be receiving a firestarter stick of your very own!

 We've been busy creating, and festing, and Christmasing as the days barrel toward someone's very important birthday.  Bear has his present ready and waiting to lay in the manger and I've been loading boxes and tins with all our other homespun delights.  Here's a great place to thank M&M for allowing us to borrow their roof top car carrier so that we can haul all these so called delights to Pennsylvania.  I should also mention this brings our total up to TWO carriers attached to that roof.

There have been pre school concerts, and visitors, and a few sneak peeks at Santa.  Also, late late nights spent baking and preparing while curious little hands sleep.  I can't seem to get enough of these peppermint meringues this year which is why batches of 24 end up more like a dozen when all is said and done.

Enjoy these next few days to come.  Savor any family that might be surrounding you, hug those children extra tight.  Christmas is still full of wonder and hope, I think we just need to look for it a little harder this year.  


May your holiday season deliver bucketfuls of hope and love.



alita jewel said...

I'm so glad I stopped by today. This post was so FULL of cheer. I'm so pleased that you are all doing so well.


Devon said...

Ohhh... those peppermint meringues look yummy... i might have to make those, even though the holidays are past.

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