December 10, 2012

The thickest puppy neck I've ever seen


 Huckle is settling into his forever home as skillfully as he photo bombs nearly 75% of the pictures I take.
 (Ace trying out a Rudolph nose AFTER Huckle made his cameo)

 It's been smooth and wonderful, especially as I observe Trot and Huckle beginning to bond in a most brotherly kind of way.  Dogs, like babies, know so many things that I do not and I can't help but peek around corners wishing to gain a tidbit of magical knowledge.


Today I was able to sneak and capture some grainy proof of Trot licking Huckle's cheeks which are a little war torn from his journey here.  It went on for a good 10 minutes and my heart swelled; this was a good sign, a very good sign.  

These remaining days until Christmas will never be as calm and peaceful as I'd like them to be, but even in the midst of holiday flurry (yes, I'll call it flurry because at times it is for me.  Sad, but true) I have no regrets that Huckle came into our lives during this busy, active season when there is already quite a bit of commotion and a big lumbering puppy only adds to it.  How lucky we are that he found us when he did; I smile to know I mean that with all my heart.  


smalltownme said...

Welcome to your new family member!

Kate said...

Nothing better than kids and dogs at Christmas. Huckle looks wonderful...pat,pat.

Leslie said...

huckle is lovely....bear picked a wonderful name.

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