December 19, 2012

walking past Tomten hollow

A week like this bring my gratitude for the woods surrounding our house in to full focus.  I can tumble my boys (human and canine) out the kitchen door and into the forest with only as much effort as it takes to wrangle on Bear's pair of boots.  

Our woods walk is guaranteed to begin with a check on the Tomten.  It is 100% certain to swing by a water source: our pond, the swamp, a secret babbling creek far off to the right, past the white ash with a trunk twisted like licorice.

We hardly ever bring loud voices, or even much conversation, to the woods.  I have yet to haul my camera any deeper in to our walk than to Tomten hollow and Bear rarely carries any of his usual appendages (helmets, tools, Playmobil...).  The stripping away when we enter these woods is unintentional, yet no matter how the decision is made, it works.  We all walk among the pines: thinking, exploring, pausing, not needing any of our homespun routine save for the walk itself.

And oh how I need these walks

especially during a week such as this.  This is where I awkwardly stop for today.  Nothing magical in my writing no smooth as stone ending, just a sharing of how I am dealing with the weight of the week while balancing the seasonal Christmas flurry.  Where are your "woods"?  How are you balancing it all?


Kate said...

Woods are hard to come by in West Texas, TJ. Guess that's why I look forward to Colorado summers and walks in the woods. All the craziness makes me 'draw in' to my family, friends and faith and the routines that keep me sane. Christmas blessings to you and your sweet family.

Devon said...

Oh, how I wish we had enough property to be able to take a jaunt into the woods. Although ticks have been HORRIBLE the past few years. It sounds so peaceful though. So very peaceful!

Katelyn said...

AWESOME!! I'm glad you get that opportunity! I miss the mountains so much!

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