December 27, 2012

Whiteout notes

It's true that it is snowing and snowing and snowing here!  We are to have a "whiteout" until tomorrow- quite accurate since outside currently looks like a big white blur.  Champ is working all this week at Straton resort and while it is a skier's paradise, I kinda wish he could have stayed home today with us; safe and sound, another mug of hot chocolate to fill.

How to stay cozy while he is away?  By looking back on some Christmas memories, of course.

Bear got a tent and a guitar for Christmas: he promptly began to play country songs for the crowd and eventually hunkered down on Christmas night to sleep fireside in his tent. 

Holiday lights are hard to come by in Vermont, but not in Pennsylvania!  This house was seriously spectacular.
   That guitar has not left Bear's side.

And then there are the outtakes.  The hysterical, infuriating, endearing outtakes.  The biggest memory makers of them all because they capture moments perfectly; much better than the polished version I will hang on my wall.  

{Christmas Eve: Tomten porridge, milk and cookies for Santa, the tree}

 {Christmas 2012: presents, manger, dinner}


smalltownme said...

Lovely memories! Slot cars! My husband and sons loved them!

Emmy said...

Looks like it was a great Christmas. I must admit I might be a bit jealous of your snow-- I miss it on Christmas... but then again we went on a hike and went to Knotts Berry Farm over the weekend- so nice not having it too :)

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