January 31, 2012

Easier than herding cats

We have about 1, 845, 392 of those little plastic creatures that come in the Toobs containers.  I knew there had to be a Montessori project in there somewhere, so I chose Bear's favorite (the cat collection) and came up with a little something.

I attempted to herd those cats into a math game.

I cut out 10 pieces of paper for cards and wrote a # on one side and drew that number of circles on the other.  I also kept persistently urging the cats back into their holding container.

I set his sandpaper numbers from 1-10 in a little bowl and then, after I modeled it a bit, the fun began...

Bear happily set about corralling his cats by picking up a card and placing a cat in each circle.  Once each space was filled, he did a quick head count and checked the back of the card against his counting.  Finally, he dug through his sandpaper numbers to find the matching number.
Judging by the amount of times he's gone back to this activity since I've set it out, I'd say this brainstorm was a success.

January 28, 2012

Hey, who turned off the lights?

Folks, I truly tried to get on my computer yesterday, but there was a winter storm, and the power went out, and Champ got to stay home and well...

by the time everything got settled, we were ALL TOGETHER and in the thick of a rare family day.  Forgive me for not stopping by here, for not answering e-mails?  I know you will.  Oh boy, was it well worth it!

It is the end of the month which means I am archiving January's photos.  Bear was certainly busy with costume changes...

                                                                     {Space guy}

                                                              {Firefighter Joe}


and the classic, much returned to...

                                                                 {Dirt biker guy}

Have yourselves a great weekend!

January 25, 2012

The shift

My sister-in-law, S, introduced me to the works of Eckhart Tolle.  I adored him upon first read and yet I am sometimes stubborn and refuse to hear the weight of his words.

I saw these lined up in the morning (Champ and his amber necklace were already long gone for work) and felt blissfully at peace.  A shift was in the air and the necklaces helped me to see it.  I began to lift my anchor.  I put down my self inflicting pack of judgements.

So much to be grateful for.  My children's sweetly scented necks waiting to be adorned.  Getting ready for "work" simply by putting on my amber and opening the front door.  Getting my hands on more of my MOST FAVORITE type of jasmine tea and introducing yet another powerfully relaxing routine into my morning.

There had been no sadness in me really, no true disdain, but still I did not want to conform.  I had forgotten how opening change can be if one lets it.  Like my first yoga headstand, my first black diamond ski run- fear, exhilaration and confidence all mixed together in that amber resin of change.

I'm on the other side of it now and a better soul for it.  Thanks to all of you and your supportive words.  Thanks to Eckhart for his.

“The moment that judgement stops through acceptance of what it is, you are free of the mind. You have made room for love, for joy, for peace.”  - Eckhart Tolle

About that job...  almost a month in and I'm finding it to be rather fun.  My boys are as well.  

A hint?  Only one of those hands is from my family :).

January 21, 2012

With each fistful

My computer was most certainly in the shop.  It's a bit better.  

A few other elements of my daily life have been under inspection and repair lately as well.  Like a puzzle, we are arranging Champ's weekend job, my new job (it's true!), our boys and the category of "everything else" into a scheme that works peacefully, smoothly for us.  The picture isn't in focus just yet.  

Life does continue on though, even in the midst of change (or especially because of it).  Babies continue to grow and mine has even discovered his fists.  He is delighted by his findings. 

Ace is coming out of his infancy cocoon and drinking in all this winter white world around him.  His amazement just adds to my own wonder of babies, their joy for all things.  Even fists...

most especially fists for this 3 month old.

I am a hypocrite.  I love change and transition when I am in control,  when I invite it in to serve a selfish purpose.  I grate against change when I must go along with things out of my control: I feel like poor 'ol Sterling trudging along at the end of a lead, ok with the walk but with her eyes focused on home.

Ace never sees it that way.  His body and mind are going through enormous changes- daily- and all the while he's clearly in awe of what is occurring.  I do not wish to be as overwhelmed with the world as he is, but I watch him wiggle and sway his little fists around

and remind myself that if nothing else, Life is a constant adjustment to newer destinations.  If my wee son can handle it with glee, then surely I can peer into the future with hopeful expectations, even as I stubbornly keep one foot in the present moment.

 Wish me luck.

January 01, 2012


Oh, it's been merry and bright for us this holiday.  With ever thankful hearts we celebrated Ace's first festive season and Bear's Norman Rockwell-like reaction to all the things that make Christmas magical.  We gathered with loved ones and led some of them back to Vermont where festivities continued long into each snow sprinkled night.  These moments?  These kind of moments are what I love best about Christmas. 

~ Trot oversees Christmas morning
~ New Year fireworks
~ after the presents are opened...
~ holiday breakfasts
~ checking in on our first house
~ Samantha is well received
~ helmeted holiday visits 
~ Vermont guests

Happy New Year.  May the magical moments continue...

ps: when my computer returns from the shop, I will return to blogging :)
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